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We take your privacy concerns seriously. We abide by the UK and EU Rules on Data Protection. If you have any further queries regarding privacy, please contact our customer service team via the Contact Us link on our website. 

Your information is used strictly for internal purposes. We collect basic login data

·         email address,

·         password,

·         company name

·         billing/delivery address details

·         telephone

This information is used to identify our customers and to send order confirmations and delivery and billing information in order to process your order and payment as well as to contact you should there be a problem with your order.

We value your privacy and understand that you don't want your name and personal details sold to third parties. We will not sell, trade or rent in any form your information to a third party. We will only provide your information to a third party, who will also keep your personal details protected, when it is necessary for processing your order and facilitating delivery.

By using our web site, you consent to the collection and use of this information. Should we decide to change our privacy policy in any way, we will post such changes to this page so that you are aware of the information we collect, our use of it, and the circumstances under which we would disclose it.

Worrall Business Supplies GDPR Statement

What information is being collected?
As a customer of Worrall Business Supplies we have a central system that collects your orders and delivery information so that we can deliver your order to you. We also store the following information:

Company Phone number
Company Bank details
Work Email address
Delivery Address
Invoice Address

Who is collecting it?
The employees of Worrall Business Supplies collect the data.

How is it collected?
It is collected in the following ways: {add to/delete from this list}
            When you place an order with us
            Phone directories
            Online web searches
            Networking/business events
            Enquiries & Quotations
            Recommendations from customers
            Local Advertising

Why is it being collected?
It is being collected so that we can:

            Deliver your order to you
            Keep you informed about our products and services
            Keep you informed about your delivery        

How will it be used?
It will be used to:

Keep you informed about our products and services
Keep you informed about your delivery
Raise Invoices, credit notes and send statements

Who will it be shared with?
Data is only ever shared by secure link in 2 instances.

  1. Your name, company name and delivery address is shared with our supplier, where your order is being delivered from.

       2. Your company name and email address is shared securely with our marketing agency Superstat Limited who provide an email marketing service on our behalf so that we can keep you updated with our products or services.

Neither party can use the information to contact you directly. All information is held securely. No information will be passed by them to 3rd parties.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
There should be no effect of this on any individual concerned.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain? 

How can an individual make a complaint?
Please call
James Tissington on 0114 2755755
129 West Bar, Sheffield, S3 8PT

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