Adhesive Hooks & Fasteners

48 Products Found 3M16514 3M16514 3M Command Adhesive Hook Large Wht Pk2 GBP 3M85158 3M85158 3M Command Adhesive Hook Medium Wht Pk2 GBP 147638 147638 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips Clean-removing Holding Capacity 0.45kg Ref 17024 [Pack 12] GBP 3M16598 3M16598 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips S P12 GBP 3M91484 3M91484 3M Command Med Pic Hanging Strips Blk P4 GBP 107602 107602 Command Adhesive Cord Bundlers Ref 17304 [Pack 2] GBP 113496 113496 Command Adhesive Hook Mini White Ref 17006CLR [Pack 6] GBP 113500 113500 Command Adhesive Single Hook Jumbo Ref 17004 GBP 113495 113495 Command Adhesive Wire Hook Medium Ref 17068 [Pack 2] GBP 138208 138208 Command Broom Gripper 1 Grip/2 Strips Ref 17007-ES GBP 107570 107570 Command Oval Adhesive Hooks Medium Ref 17081 [Pack 2] GBP 107566 107566 Command Oval Adhesive Hooks Small Ref 17082 [Pack 2] GBP 107572 107572 Command Oval Adhesive Single Hook Large Ref 17003 GBP 169879 169879 Command Picture Hanging Strips Large Black Ref 17206BLK [4 Pairs] GBP 107565 107565 Command Picture Hanging Strips Large White Ref 17206 [Pack 4] GBP 107564 107564 Command Picture Hanging Strips Medium Ref 17201 [Pack 4] GBP 166589 166589 Command Picture Hanging Strips Narrow Ref 17207 [4 Pairs] GBP 107562 107562 Command Picture Hanging Strips Small Ref 17202 [Pack 4] GBP 143811 143811 Command? Medium and Large Picture Hanging Strips Value Pack GBP HA76987 HA76987 Halco Hook and Loop Tape Roll 20mm x 5m GBP HA76988 HA76988 Halco Stick On Hook Roll 20mm x 10m GBP HA76989 HA76989 Halco Stick On Loop Roll 20mm x 10m GBP PHT00002 PHT00002 Photo Corners White Pk250 GBP PHT00003 PHT00003 Photo Mounting Squares White Pk250 GBP